Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ISSN of the IJRAT journal?

It is written in the top of the journal website and also available in the home page of the journal website. ISSN 2321-9637 (Online)

How much old this journal? | When it was started? When first issue of the journal was published?

It was started in year 2013.

What is the name of the publishing house? | Under which banner, it is publishing ?

It is published by the ‘MG Aricent Pvt Ltd’. MG Aricent Pvt Ltd is a registered company that publishes scientific original cutting edge in the field of Engineering, Technology, Science, Management, and Humanities in the global network which is beneficial for scholars, students, engineers, researchers, and scientist.

Is approved by UGC?

Yes, IJRAT was UGC Listed Journal Serial No. 48768 till 14 June 2019. UGC journal list was dissolved from 14 June 2019, now there is UGC-CARE list; IJRAT is not included in current list. But as per UGC gazette on 18/07/2018, Research Papers in Peer Reviewed or UGC listed Journals are considered for calculating academic/research score. (Page No 105)

Is it open access journal?

Yes, it is an open access journal.

Is it peer reviewed journal?

Yes, it is peer reviewed journal.

How much time you will take to resolve a query?

It will be resolved within 24 hours.

What is the plagiarism policy?

We did not accept paper that having plagiarized contents. Paper should have cutting edge original contents. Paper should not have more than 20% similarity including reference section and name citations.

What is used for plagiarism/ similarity check?

Either Turnitin software or Plagiarism Checker X

What is the research area of the journal?

IJRAT covered all the areas come under Engineering, Science and Technology.

What is the procedure to submit research paper?

You can send your research paper to the given email address. Email addresses are available on the home page of the website.

Can I send only abstract for review?

No, you have to send full length paper for review process.

How much time will you take for review process?

It depends on reviewer response. It may be reviewed within 1-2 weeks. We can’t say. It is advised you, do not submit the same article to multiple journals at the same time. You should wait for review report.

How many reviewers will evaluate/examine submitted paper?

Your paper will be reviewed by 03 reviewers. 02 reviewers will be from India and 01 reviewer from overseas. The average reviewed comments will be subject of rejection or acceptance.

How many times I can submit paper for publication?

You can submit paper any number of times, but the paper should be different for different volume/issue.

How many authors may be cited in a paper?

Maximum 05 authors are to be allowed a paper.M/p>

Is it compulsory to submit papers in the given journal template?

No, it is not compulsory. You can submit it in any format, but paper should be in either pdf file or ms world file.

Is any instructions/ guidelines for authors?

Yes, It is available in the ‘Authors Guidelines’ page. Please visit journal website.

How much time you will take to resolve a query?

It will be resolved within 24 hours.

Is this Journal fully refereed?

Yes, it is fully refereed, peer reviewed, double blind journal.

May I know indexing of your journal?

IJRAT journal indexed with ProQuest, J-Gate, Index Copernicus, Mendeley,, Slideshare, docStoc, TechRepublic, Internet Archive, Scribd, Issuu, Electronic Journal Library (EZB), Open Academic Journal Index (OAJI), Advanced Science Index (ASI), CiteSeer, Google Scholar, DRJI, Sensei Scholar, IIFS, ISRA, Research Bible, Science Central etc.

Will I receive an abstract book of the published volume/issue of the journal?

Yes, you will receive abstract book. You can also download it from the respective volume/issue. It is available open access, free of cost.

Will you provide us hard copy of the journal?

No, paper is publishing online and its open access journal; so whenever you want you can download paper.

Will you provide hard copy of the publication certificate?

No, we will provide only e-certificate copy of paper.

Can we receive an individual publication certificate by separate name?

No, it is not possible and it is also illegal. If someone is providing you, then they are also doing illegal work. I am asking a question from you.

Can you send the same paper with the same title and same research work by separate name of the authors for the publication?

No, you cannot do it because it’s illegal. If you cannot make separation from the authors of your paper, then how can I separate your work for the same title and same research work? I think, now you can understand my reply.

Is any payment guideline available?

Journal does not take any kind of publication fee/acceptance fee/review fee/handling fee/processing fee/DOI fee/ publication e-certificate fee. It is free journal. Authors have to pay only one time online maintenance charges of Rs 2200.

Will I receive publication certificate free of cost?

Yes, you will receive publication e-certificate free of cost within 72 hours after the date of publication.

Is any paper publication fee/handling fee?

No, it’s free, Journal does not take any kind of publication fee/acceptance fee/review fee/handling fee/processing fee/DOI fee/ publication e-certificate fee. It is free journal. Authors have to pay only one time online maintenance fees of Rs 2200.

Can I pay online maintenance charges through PayPal/PayUmoney?

Yes, you can pay online maintenance charges through PayPal/PayUmoney. Please visit website.

Can I pay online maintenance charges through Western Union Transfer?

No, sorry, due to security, we never accept any transaction through Western Union Transfer.

Can I pay online maintenance charges by check/ demand draft?

No, Sorry, due to security, we never accept any check/demand draft.

Can I pay online maintenance charges through swift transaction or wired transaction?

Yes, you can give through swift/wired transaction. For it, required banking details are given

My article has been published but there is some correction. What did I do?

Please write an email along with your paper id, published paper details like volume no, issue no, page no, and corrections details. We will resolve it within 24 hours. Corrections are possible if author inform us within a week from date of publication. After that, there may require content updating fees.

What is refund policy?

Wrongly deposit money or extra deposit money will be returned back within 72 hours if the candidate informs us within 24 hours.

I paid online maintenance charges twice by my credit/debit card. Will you refund extra paid amount to me?

Yes, one transaction will refund you within 24 hours.