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Special Issue ICATEST 2015, March 2015

Title:        Mobile Communication Using SMART Antenna
Authors:    Suraya Mubeen, Dr.A.Jhansi Rani, Dr.A.M.Prasad

Title:         A Case Study of Water Treatment Plant at Navsari- Problems, Solutions and Upgradation
Authors:    Kuldip B. Patel, Dharmishtha R. Patel, Dr.Pradeep P. Lodha

Title:         Determining the Gear Position of Car Using Fuzzy Logic Control System
Authors:    A. V. Bokare, D.H. Gahane, R. K. Karambe

Title:         A Review on Optimization of Corrugated Sheet Box Size for an Industrial Part
Authors:    Nilesh V. Kalyankar, Sachin G. Mahakalkar, Jayant P. Giri

Title:         Multiplied remote signal monitoring interface for process control using RS-485
Authors:    Joshi Vilas R.

Title:         Moodle Based Skill Development Survey Module Implementation
Authors:    Rajani Sharma, Rajendra Kumar Trivedi, Priya Taneja

Title:         Modeling & Thermal Analysis of Cavity Wall Using Simulation Technique
Authors:    Abhinandan R.Gupta

Title:         Design of Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine
Authors:    Prof.Ms.A.A.Shingavi, Dr.A.D. Dongare,Prof. S.N.Nimbalkar

Title:         Secure Conference Scheme for Mobile Communication by Computing -Efficient
                Rekeying for Multicast Key Distribution.

Authors:    Nilesh M. Shidurkar , Prof. Mangesh M.Ghonge

Title:         Data Hiding Scheme using 14 squares Substitution Cipher & Index Variable
Authors:    Milind S. Deshkar, Ganesh K. Yenurkar, Naman V. Buradkar

Title:         Comparative Performance Analysis of Insert Geometry by CNC turning of HSS (M2)
                and Taguchi Method

Authors:    Krupal Pawar, Rajkumar Palhade, Anand Deshmukh

Title:         Web Mining Image Retrieval using Multimodal Fusion Method
Authors:    Rima P. Lingawar , Milind V. Srode, Mangesh M. Ghonge

Title:         Design and Simulation of GaAs MOSFET with High-K Dielectric Material
Authors:    Vasudha Patil

Title:         Use of Topologies in Network Architecture
Authors:    Dr. Bhasker .G.Koshidgewar

Title:         Ontology agent based distributed data mining
Authors:    Miss Kalyani Sugarwar, Prof. Vinay Kapse

Title:         Modelling Split Tensile Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Using Regression
                and Neural Network

Authors:    A.N .Dabhade, Dr. S.R.Chaudhari, Dr. A.R.Gajbhiye

Title:         A survey on efficient approach for congestion control commencing TCP pro multi
                hop wireless network

Authors:    Dipti M. Jawalkar, Dr. M.V. Sarode

Title:         Clustering And Permutation Based Image Encryption And Compression System
Authors:    Kalyani G. Nimbokar, Dr. M. V. Sarode

Title:         Survey: Part-Of-Speech Tagging in NLP
Authors:    Nidhi Adhvaryu, Prem Balani

Title:         Probing Quantum Transport by switching Anchor Positions
Authors:    Rupan Preet Kaur, Ravinder Singh Sawhney, Derick Engles, Ramanjyot Kaur

Title:         A Novel Framework Model for User Specified Personalized Web Search Supporting
                Privacy Concern

Authors:    Ms. A. S. Patil, Prof. M.M.Ghonge

Title:         Smart Traversing Sub Aquatic Vehicle
Authors:    Payal D Chumbale, Jagruti S Patil, Varsha K Khandagale, Yogesh R Risodkar,
                Mosam K Samgole

Title:         XFEM Simulation of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Peizoelectric Materials
Authors:    Gulab Pamnani, S. Bhattacharya, S.Sanyal

Title:         Fake Biometric Detection Using Liveness Detection System Applications: Iris and Fingerprint
                Recognition System

Authors:    Pradnya M. Shende, Dr.Milind V. Sarode

Title:         An Overview of ARM Cortex-M3 Based Breakout Boards
Authors:    R. R. Karhe, R. B. Bhamare

Title:         Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Enhance Digital fundus Images
Authors:    Jaykumar S. Lachure, A. V. Deorankar, Sagar Lachure

Title:         Comparison of 24X24 Bit Multipliers for Various Performance Parameters
Authors:    Bhavesh Sharma, Amit Bakshi

Title:         Computational Techniques in Wind Response of Tall Buildings
Authors:    Suyog U. Dhote

Title:         Lossless Image Compression: Adaptive Decomposition and Design
Authors:    Thalesh P. Kalmegh, Prof. A.V. Deorankar, Raunak Rathi

Title:         Concept of hash key for the enhancement of secure mining in horizontally distributed

Authors:    Raunak Rathi, A.V.Deorankar, Roshni M. Sherkar

Title:         Design and analysis of composite drive shaft for automobile application
Authors:    Mr. Ghorpade Dattatray S, Dr Kishor B. Kale, Dr A. D. Dongare

Title:         Experimental Crack Depth Measurement And Life Prediction Of Bearing Using
                Vibration Analysis

Authors:    Mr.P. S. Sangale, Dr.Kishor B. Kale, Dr.A. D. Dongare

Title:         Design Analysis of Carbon/Epoxy Composite Leaf Spring

Title:         MSP430 based Wireless Motion Detection using LabVIEW
Authors:    Rohan B. Joshi, Vipul Gohil

Title:         Design and Implementation of Smart Eye Navigation by using GPS and RFID Technology
Authors:    Sohan M Mane, Prof.Supratim Saha

Title:         Snake Texture Classification Using BRINT
Authors:    Keerthana A.V, Ashwin M

Title:         Compressive Strength Behavior of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Authors:    Mr.Yogesh S.Lanjewar, Mr.S.V.Rayadu

Title:         Utilization of Rice Husk For Production of Clay Brick
Authors:    Watile R.K., Deshmukh S.K., Durge P.V., Yawale A.D

Title:         Best Implementation of Alamouti Scheme to Improve Bit Error Rate in 2x2 MIMO
                OFDM System

Authors:    Geetanjali Mudaliar

Title:         Dynamic Analysis of Elevated Intze Water Tank
Authors:    Kulkarni Reshma, Prof. Mangulkar

Title:         Velozeta Six Stroke Engine
Authors:    Prashant Haridas Pande

Title:         Resource Scheduling Techniques to Improve Cloud Performance Based on Client
Authors:    S. Jayanthi, Dr. P. Srinivasa Babu

Title:         Collision Aware & Maximizing the Lifetime in WSN: Review
Authors:    Rashmi D. Naukarkar, Prof. Mangesh N. Thakare, Prof. Bhawna J. Chilke

Title:         Face Recognition: A Realistic Far-Fetched Technology
Authors:    Yash Sikkewal

Title:         Determining New Security Challenges for Mobile Banking
Authors:    Dr. Syed Nisar Osman

Title:         A Review on: Priority Based Arbiter for NoC Router
Authors:    Neha B.Kowale, Prof .S D.Kambale, Prof. M N.Thakhare

Title:         Review on Congestion Control for Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
Authors:    Nikhita B. Kowale, Dr.M A. Gaikwaid, Prof.N P.Bobade

Title:         Discovering Inception of Financial Fruads
Authors:    Anu Dahiya

Title:         Rough Sets in Feature Reduction and Image Classification of Magnetic Resonance Images
Authors:    Abdul Kalam Abdul Salam, Anil V.Deorankar, Thalesh P.Kalmegh

Title:         Comparison between Substitutive and Additive Wavelet Image Fusion using
                Improved Nonlinear IHS Transform

Authors:    Mahesh P. Chakkarwar, Prof. A. V. Deorankar, Prof. Vrushali A.Chakkarwar

Title:         Design an Implementation of Energy Aware Routing Protocol in WSN
Authors:    Dinesh G khotele, Prof. Kanchan Dhote

Title:         Network Monitoring and Performance Analysis Model
Authors:    Mr. Parag S. Naik, Mr. Manish K. Hadap

Title:         Design and Implementation of Intelligent Automatic Door System
Authors:    Saurabh S. Badave, Makrand N. Kakatkar, Moreshwar K. Dani

Title:         Privacy-preserving public auditing for secure cloud storage
Authors:    Kiran G. Dhapodkar , Prof.Kahkashan Siddavatam

Title:         A Design Approach for Load balancing in Wireless Sensor Smart Grid Network by
                prioritizing least used paths


Title:         To Analysis and Improvement of System Efficiency by Using Thermoelectric Device
Authors:    Mr. Govendra Sherkar, Mr. Amit Akkewar


Authors:    Miss. Rachana Modak, Mr. D.B Meshram

Title:         Dispense Traffic information by merging VANET with Cloud computing
Authors:    Rahul M. Raut

Title:         To Increase System Efficiency for Portable Electronics Devices with DC-DC Converter

Title:         Automatic Suppression of Pectoral Muscle in Digital Mammogram using Triangular Mask
Authors:    Hitiksha Shah

Title:         Application of Fuzzy Control Algorithms and Simulation using MATLAB for Speed
                Control of Sensorless Drive of Induction Motor

Authors:    Miss Alka Nimbhorkar, Dr. Manisha Dubey

Title:         An Approach for Data Integrity in the Cloud Computing: A Survey
Authors:    Tejas J. Pateliya, Manoj S. Chaudhari

Title:         Efficient Approach to Deliver Messages to Far Vehicles in VANET
Authors:    Piyush R.Mandale, Prof.M.M.Ghonge

Title:         An Overview on Message Authentication Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:    Shital Pawde

Title:         A Compact MIMO Antenna for Wireless Internet access Application
Authors:    Prof. Sachin s. Khade, Priya G. Chore, Prof. S.L.Badjate

Title:         Design of 4-shaped MIMO Antenna for Wireless Communication
Authors:    Sachin S. Khade, Komal A. Kalamkar, S.L.Badjate

Title:         Location Aware Selective Unlocking & Secure Verification Safer Card for
                Enhancing RFID Security using SHA

Authors:    Sagar Dakhore, Mrs. Padma Lohiya

Title:         Developing Asynchronous Web Service and their Invocation
Authors:    G M Tere, R R Mudholkar, B T Jadhav

Title:         Vanet Based Intelligent Road Traffic Monitoring And Management System
Authors:    Pranay S. Ghode, Prof. Rohini Pochhi

Title:         Survey paper of Different Lemmatization Approaches
Authors:    Riddhi Dave, Prem Balani

Title:         Non verbal communication: An integral part of teaching learning process.
Authors:    Arifa Bunglowala, Aaquil Bunglowala

Title:         Generator Protection,Stability checking by using Dynamic Testing
Authors:    Naval Damle, Chandan Kamble

Title:         A Survey on Text Mining- techniques and application
Authors:    Ruchika R. Tated, Mangesh M. Ghonge

Title:         Algorithms for Data Mining: A Survey
Authors:    Shruti A. Vagare ,Mangesh M. Ghonge

Title:         Resolution of Power Quality Issues
Authors:    Rajshree Deshmukh, Venkata Reddy

Authors:    Arvind K.Yadav, Nayan Wadgure, Pavan kamdi

Title:         Modelling Split Tensile Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Using
                Regression and Neural Network

Authors:    A.N. Dabhade, Dr. S.R.Chaudhari, Dr. A.R.Gajbhiye

Title:         Implementation of RSA Algorithm for Ciphering Medical Imaging
Authors:    Anuradha Goswami , Associate Prof. Sarika Khandelwal

Title:         Color based railway parcel management using PLC
Authors:    Yogesh Risodkar , Priyanka Mewal, Sampada Kularni

Title:         Timetable Scheduling by Genetic Algorithm
Authors:    Girish Umaratkar, Sachin Murab

Title:         A Review on Adaptive Clustering Routing Protocol using Twice Cluster Head Selection
Authors:    Kaustubh L. Thakare, Prof. A. B. Jirapure

Title:         Mitigation of Vampire Attack in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Network
Authors:    Mr. Shrikant C.Chumble, Prof. M. M. Ghonge

Title:         Secure Distributed Computation of Online Partitioned Data Clouds By MapReduce

Authors:    Deepika Bhatia

Title:         A Review on Nomenclature of Agitator
Authors:    Mr. A. P. Shastri, Prof. N. B. Borkar


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